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Situated on the southern coast of Ambergris Caye, San Pedro is essentially a postcard brought to life — and absolutely worth a visit if you’re fantasizing about a true get-away-from-it-all vacation.

Dreaming of San Pedro

If you’re at all familiar with Belize, then you may have heard San Pedro mentioned more than a few times. But even if you’ve never ventured into this part of the world, you’ve likely dreamed of a place just like it: warm, breezy, inviting, friendly, and undoubtedly one of the planet’s closest imitations of paradise.


It wasn’t until the middle of the 19th century that San Pedro was officially settled by the many fishermen and their families who migrated to the region during the Caste War of Yucatán. In those early days, there were just a handful of people in the area. The settlement grew dramatically over the years, but it wasn’t until 1984 that it earned status as an official township.

The waters are pristine, the breezes mild, and the sands pure white. It’s a study in pure simplicity and solitude, and it offers the ultimate escape.


If you plan to visit Ambergris Caye at all, then there’s no question you’ll find yourself booking a ferry to San Pedro at some point during your stay. This is the area where much of the action happens, and it’s as much of a representation of modern tourist life as it is an old-world fishing and boating town. Sandy streets feel decidedly ancient, especially those lined with wooden homes. The main streets, however, burst with the feeling of modernized society, thanks to the eclectic mix of souvenir shops, restaurants, clubs, and cafes. As you venture forth, you’ll find yourself in residential confines that offer a glimpse of San Pedro at its simplest. For all its versatility, it’s a city ensconced in beach culture — and you’ll pick up on that tropical vibe as soon as you arrive and start mingling with the locals, whose carefree spirit is enough to pull you away from your own worries.

Things to Do

If you’re an ocean enthusiast, you may need to venture outside of San Pedro to find exactly what you need. It’s well worth a golf cart ride to Secret Beach, which isn’t much of a secret at all to anyone who has ever been to Belize. The waters are pristine, the breezes mild, and the sands pure white. It’s a study in pure simplicity and solitude, and it offers the ultimate escape. There are plenty of catamaran cruises available for those who want to soak in the views from a different vantage point. You can also use this opportunity to check out the incredible barrier reef while diving or snorkeling.

Topping most travelers’ must-see lists is the Blue Hole, an enormous sinkhole situated in the Caribbean Sea. Just off the Ambergris Caye coast, the hole generally looks most impressive from above. For that view, you’ll need to book a helicopter tour. But you can also book a dive boat and go snorkeling or diving if you want to take a more adventurous look at the Blue Hole.

But if you favor a more social scene, you’ll find plenty of that in town. There are bars all over the place — snag a cocktail at a beachfront location or watch some sports at a nearby pub. Restaurants cater to nearly every culinary whim, whether you love sushi, sandwiches, or a simple coffee and pastry for breakfast.

Where to Stay

Budget, mid-range, and premium hotels are all situated throughout San Pedro and points beyond. Some are downright luxurious, with private beaches, balconies offering epic views, lap pools, kitchens, verandas, and so much more. But you can just as easily save your spending for your itinerary and opt for low-key accommodations that won’t break the bank. There are even some hostels situated on the water, which is a great way for wallet-watching backpackers to enjoy the city at its most beautiful.

What to Bring

You’ll do plenty of walking while you’re in San Pedro, unless you plan to ride a golf cart exclusively. Comfortable sandals are your best friend while here, but you might also opt to walk barefoot as many of the locals do. Remember to show up with a broad hat to shield your eyes from those penetrating ultraviolet rays, a bottle or two of sunscreen, and plenty of water so you can stay hydrated while on the move.

Travel in Comfort

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San Pedro

Trip Duration

1 hr 30 mins from Belize
30 mins from Caye Caulker

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