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One of the most appealing spots on travel bucket lists worldwide is Belize, a compact yet mighty nation that promises paradise without the hefty price tag.

Belize: Where to Go and What to See

There’s a certain heaven-on-earth quality about the country, which is rife with incredible opportunities to experience nature at its most memorable. Where to begin? Delve into what makes Belize such a special place to visit.

Exploring Belize City

It’s not common for visitors to spend too much time in Belize City, the nation’s largest urban center. It’s popular largely as a gateway to Belize’s other attractions — namely its beautiful islands and rich natural surroundings that mimic paradise on earth. However, there are pockets of Belize City that are worth a visit, particularly if you’re drawn to history and want to learn more about the country’s beginnings. There are handsome colonial-style homes, a few shopping sections, and the Museum of Belize, where you can delve deep into what helped shape the area and its rich culture. Guests can also stay in Belize City, as there are plenty of hotels around. But most choose to hop aboard a water taxi and visit popular islands like Caye Caulker, Chetumal, and San Pedro (referenced in Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”).

If you’re more of a landlubber, explore the many Mayan temples whose dramatic ruins are well worth a few photographs.

Rich Cultural Scene

Diversity is king in Belize City, something you’ll experience merely by walking around. You may hear snippets of Spanish intermingling with Kriol, for example. The British settled the nation in the mid-19th century, when it was known as British Honduras. As such, English is the country’s official language. Life is decidedly carefree in Belize, where the great outdoors takes precedence over commercial activities. Caves, jungles, and beaches make up a great majority of the dramatic, unforgettable ecosystems. There are also hotspots for those who prefer to dig deep into the country’s fascinating history. Visit the Mayan ruins situated throughout before you seek respite for the evening by exploring the burgeoning foodie scene. There are also plenty of opportunities to do absolutely nothing at all — something that is most welcome if you’re lazing beneath a swaying palm tree, gazing at crystal clear waters, or taking a little nap on the sand.

Things to Do

You’ll never want for things to do when you visit Belize City. If you’ve arrived solely with the goal of checking every single outdoor adventure off your bucket list, you’ll be impressed by what’s in store. Explore the subterranean world and step into one of many caves filled with impressive rock formations. Some contain waterfalls and genuine, ancient pottery — and others even have full skeletons. Or delve deep into the waters near the Belize Barrier Reef and marvel at the hundreds of exquisite, vibrant sea creatures that swim before you. If you’re more of a landlubber, explore the many Mayan temples whose dramatic ruins are well worth a few photographs. If you go nowhere else, make your way to Caracol to visit the largest Mayan ruin in the country.

When to Visit

You don’t want to spend your entire time in Belize battling heavy downpours, escaping suffocating levels of humidity, or attempting to tolerate triple-digit temperatures. It’s best to book your trip between late November and early to mid-April. It’s a tourist-heavy time of the year, but you’ll be rewarded with crisp blue skies, rain-free days, and pleasantly comfortable temperatures. Everything remains open during this period, too, which is not always the case during other times of the year.

Where to Stay

If you’re traveling on a budget, you might wish to stay at one of the many hostels in Caye Caulker, San Ignacio, or Ambergris Caye. You’ll find yourself right in the heart of all the action, and you can save plenty of money in the process. You’re not likely to come across many familiar hotel chains in Belize City. There are many small properties situated throughout — just check on the air-conditioning situation beforehand, as many don’t offer this amenity. Do you favor a more luxurious getaway? Look for the many beach resorts situated on Placencia and Ambergris Caye; they’re more intimate than sprawling, but they offer features like elegant rooms, pools, sea views, and other welcome extras.

What to Bring

Think tropical. You don’t want to stuff your suitcase with basic vacation essentials and find that you missed something crucial upon arrival. In addition to warm-weather basics, like tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, sundresses, and light cardigans for the occasional cooler day, don’t forget to bring enough broad-spectrum sunscreen to cover yourself from head to toe. Waterproof or water-friendly accessories are also a good choice, whether it’s a case for your phone, a camera, or a smartwatch. Always bring a pair of hiking or walking shoes to make your explorations more comfortable. You may also want to pack a filtered water bottle to avoid consuming contaminated water. Above all, bring a sense of adventure and fearlessness — you’ll want to latch on to both as you navigate the wondrous beauty of Belize.

Travel in Style

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Belize City

Head Office

111 North Front Street
Belize City, Belize
at the Belize Marine Terminal

Trip Duration

45 mins from Caye Caulker
1hr 30 mins from San Pedro

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